As owner and creator of PfeifferFitness, I'm dedicated to helping clients find their joy through fitness. As an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, I design personalized exercise programs and wellness programing for individuals and groups. Utilizing lifestyle assessments, health histories, and baseline evaluations to address lifestyle and wellness goals, common dysfunctional patterns and athlete-specific training needs, my exercise programs center around proper alignment, breathing and control to achieve results. My experience as a dancer, weight training instructor, group exercise leader and corporate fitness director for three decades has uniquely prepared me to offer a wide range of health and fitness services. 

Because our bodies incorporate a unique set of strengths and challenges, we at  PfeifferFitness provide coaching, cuing, support and guidance to individuals and groups interested in living a healthier lifestyle. We offer corporate wellness programing, specialized fitness programs for older adults, tri-athletes, children as well as personally facilitate clinics on Mind Body fitness, and Laughter Yoga.

Exercise is a source of great joy in my own life. It improves our health, self-esteem and fitness, but it can also give us a sense of balance, energy, enlightenment, laughter and self-awareness. 

​   ~Sally Pfeiffer





As a competitive figure skater, I have been exposed to the health and fitness world for the majority of my life. During my competitive career, I trained in some of the nation’s finest facilities, including the Olympic Training Center and the National Strength and Conditioning Association in Colorado Springs, CO. In 2012, I began my professional career as a figure skating and hockey coach, and discovered a passion for working one on one with individuals. In May 2017, I graduated with my degree in Exercise and Sport Science from the University of Utah. During my time at the university, I led group exercise classes such as weight training, circuit training, indoor cycling, and also personal trained for PEAK Health and Fitness. In addition to my coursework, I completed a 240-hour internship with PfeifferFitness, where I refined my training techniques and learned corrective exercise strategies. As a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, I design personalized training programs that aim to improve cardiovascular fitness, body composition, and muscular strength. Given my athletic background, I have a big interest in sport specific training and working with young adults in order to promote positive lifestyle habits at an early age. My mission at PfeifferFitness is to design sound exercise programs based on each individual’s unique needs and lifestyle in order to help them achieve their fitness goals. 

 ~ Katia



With a degree in kinesiology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst,  I'm interested in teaching and training individuals the art and science of functional exercise. As former owner and head trainer at Core fitness Personal Training, I'm skilled in sport-specific training, cross-training, and transitioning people to a more active lifestyle. With expertise in biomechanics and years of personal experience, I instruct clients on how to properly execute multi-joint, multi-muscle exercises that prepare the body for dynamic motion—enhancing performance, range of motion, agility and strength.  At PfeifferFitness, I customize fitness programs for individuals of all ages, fitness levels and abilities. My training philosophy emphasizes three key elements:

  • Core strength which encourages balance and correlative function
  • Progressive warm-ups and stretching that prime the body and prevent imbalance
  • Strength training that stimulates natural, efficient action—cooperatively strengthening muscles, bones and ligaments

​   ~Jordan Marks

About Us



I have a unique perspective on exercise, fitness and wellness. While working as an Arterial Line Technician in 2004, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. And I can tell you from personal experience—cancer sucks. Neverthless, after months in the hospital and years spent retraining my body, I can hostly say that I know what it means to start over. As a FiTour Certified Personal Trainer, my inclinations toward caring for individuals and relentless determination, enables me to offer support and motivation as well as a working knowledge to each and every client. At PfeifferFitness, my main objective is to help clients recognize and face their next challenge. I love to see people progress. In my mind, it doesn't really matter where you start, you can always make progress. I specialize in modifying and designing exercise programs that increase motor function and mobility and my goal is to aid clients in reaching their goals. I train a diversity of clients as well as provide training on how to modify sports and group classes  to  adaptive individuals. Everyone should feel like exercise is accessible and health and wellness are attainable.

​   ~Michael Wolf




I have been studying mindfulness and other awareness practices for the last 15 years. I currently teach at Pacific Integral and lead Lincoln Sangha, a community for mindfulness practice in downtown Salt Lake City. I am also co-founder of All of Life, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting vibrant mental health through more integrative approaches.

Partnering with PfeifferFitness​, I developed and teach Mind-Body Fitness workshops.Mind-Body Fitness is the combined practice of meditation and physical exercise. Utilizing mindful meditation, this unique practice is designed to harness the power of our awareness and make exercise a transformative process. The combined power of meditation and physical exercise lowers blood pressure and reduces stress. It helps with pain management, facilitates healing, improves sleep, and slows the aging process. Mind-Body Fitness promotes longer, healthier lives as well as maintaining empathy and feelings of connectedness toward others around us. When I'm not teaching, you will likely find me in a weight room, riding the waves of sensation back into Silence.

  ~Tom McConkie



Laughter is a gift, inviting us to experience bliss and love within moments. Laughter Yoga is a combination of laughter exercises and yoga breathing. As a CertifiedLaughter Yoga Leader from SLCC, my purpose is to assist people in realizing theirinnate goodness and unique truth. My goal is to provide a space for individuals to heal, create genuine relations, reconnect with their inner child and experience the numerous health benefits of laughter. I am grateful for this opportunity to share and remind others of this essential and universal language.

​   ~​Claire Nelson